About us


Our mission is to use AI to make science accessible and consumable for all.

Scientific research is the most valuable, insight-filled source of data to ever exist. Yet, the current consumers of this information are the same people who are creating it. We are striving to build the tools that democratize scientific evidence and make the world a better place, by making it a more informed place.

Meet the team

Consensus is built by machine learning, science, and technology experts from some of the world’s most innovative institutions.

Ali Farid

Founding Data Scientist, Lead, Machine Learning

Megan Van Welie

Lead Sofware Engineer

Eric Olson

Co-Founder, CEO

Brett Nebeker

Lead, Machine Learning

Christian Salem

Co-Founder, CPO


Konrad Kording, PhD

Deep Learning, Causality, Metascience, Neuroscience

Rick Wedgeworth

AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Software Architecture

Jevin West, PhD

Misinformation in Science and Society, Metascience

Oji Udezue

Product Led Growth, Design, Start-Up Ops

Nicholas Christakis, PhD

Popular Science, Misinformation